New you

As we live through our lifetimes, we do realize the only constant is change,but in todays times the change required is extremely blistering and expeditious.The timeline not only demands speed but quick adaptations to the unfamiliar paths.We have to trust that comebacks are always much more powerful than any set backs.

Right now,there’s a clear sign of dynamic shift in the way life is going to run across the globe.Only saviour will be acceptance to this remodelling….by up-skilling through a continuous loop of learning, unlearning and relearning new means to tackle each day.

This could well be applied to the professional as well as personal lives.Change or variation in career path is indeed considered a sisyphean task.Specially in a country like ours ,we are literally jammed to a career for entire lifetime,totally convincing ourselves that…. That’s it what we can do!! This concept is nothing but the result of human quest to park in their comfort zones.But a gentle reminder by time is that we are given extra grey matter to explore new possibilities and new avenues instead.

Always trust and believe that all of us have this amazing metamorphic capacity to transform which comes into action ,only if ,we let it flow with pure grit and passion.Do your future self a favour and get outside your comfort zone. Think big, think outside the box, and don’t let your own perceived limitations stop you.Fight the fear. You may not be 100% qualified for things ahead– and that’s okay.Do not strive for perfection go for progress….one step at a time!

If you have to carry one thing with you on this path of making “new you” let it be hope…. Trust that the best is yet to come.Hope is stronger than any of the challenges that will be thrown towards you while you transform yourself. Absolutely trust and believe in your new journey.

The process will make you under go lot of unlearning and new learning – the tough bit will be unlearning. Wiping the slate ain’t easy but keeping focus on new learning should make this an exciting journey.Keep making choices on the basis of hope and not fear.Try and find positive things everyday even if you have to try harder.Even in the most hopeless situation remember to try one more time.

Certainly, this is going to test all of your patience but the moment you think of giving up,just remember next moment could be where the magic happens.Any change needs patience, patience needs courage and courage is nothing but keeping grace under pressure. So first and foremost is acceptance to change mixed with enough patience and courage.It’s a fact, transformations do not happen overnight. Also you can’t transform by doing what you have been doing always. So even small changes done on day to day basis towards your goal can give you big results.

Be consistent.Remember to do that small bit every single day no matter what.Also be brave enough to mess up and fail as you move into being new you …after all, by all means ,you have the power to modify your life as per your wishes with grit, consistency, self love, positivity and aspiration to see a “new you”


Thinking is a continuous act that’s subconsciously running like cardiac muscles. It’s now proven fact,that our thoughts are far more powerful than we think them to be.So many times,we try to control our thoughts but it’s easy said than done.We cannot sit and plan our thoughts like we can do for our next meals.Usually it’s the thoughts that regulate us and not vice versa, however that’s where the secret lies. Those who can regulate their thoughts master their life. The level of contentment you will get in your life totally depends upon your thoughts.

We are most rewarded or punished by our thoughts. Everything depends upon the way our mind perceives the external environment.So it’s critical to tame this wild entity to our benefit.Converse with yourself like someone you love.Appreciate yourself genuinely and be compassionate towards your demands.External hurricanes are never going to be in your control ,but keeping your inner core calm will help you pass through testing times.One positive thought has the power to change your day for good and one positive day can be a life turner.

It’s vital to set the right tone with yourself, to always have amicable conversation with yourself. This doesn’t guarantee winning over all situations however;this will change the way you perceive the given situation ,from a threat to an interesting challenge.After all it’s the focus, if we pay attention to the pain – we suffer ,instead focus on the lesson and thrive. Such growth is so motivating and quite exponential. When, the way you think is balanced it empowers you to handle any adverse situation with aplomb.

As we all know, no amount of guilt can change our past and similarly no amount of anxiety can change our future. So having odd thoughts is basically pointless. Power lies in keeping calm and doing one thing at a time. Anything that costs you your peace of mind, is way too expensive to harbour. Instead keep moving ,one step after the other, no matter how stuck you feel. No matter how hopeless the current situation may seem to be, as it’s only once you have walked that path and later when you look back , will you realise it wasn’t that bad a journey. Our mind has the power to magnify a predicament beyond belief.Use this contemplating magnifying glass to live it large!

Letter to my little self -Reminisce

Dear Me,

You little warrior, I know there’s an ocean of unease within you… Unease of proving yourself to others, competence to excel in everything that gives you validation, curious observation to learn from around you. Yet there’s a deep insecurity,as within you,you are not sure of your stand and you are not satisfied by the knowledge you are gaining through above mentioned traits.Nevertheless ,please keep going instinctively, you will have your own stumbles and they will only make you more and more responsible for your actions and will ensure you to be more careful.Every stumble that appears to be a road block will turn out to be a bend in the road and not end of the road.

And I can see that no matter what ,one thing you are sure of, is that you will move ahead with complete freedom where fear will have no place.So put your confidence in place and don’t be bothered about validations

Know that you are loved, you are supported, you are cared for….always.  Make sure that you are always doing all the things that are in the highest good.  When you are wondering and feeling lost, get quiet and go within , because the answers are all within…you know this already.  You don’t need to find your way, you need to listen to the whispers of your soul, because they are there to guide you and direct you down the path that you were always meant to travel.  Let your light shine so bright that you light up the path for others.  Never doubt yourself for a minute…YOU ARE exactly where you need to be…

My wish for you is to live a life fulfilled, one of bliss, one of connection & alignment with your instincts.

Never stop pushing forward, you’re meant to do great things in this world. Your light is needed.



Celebrate flawsomeness!

Our flaws and imperfections are few of those things which we like to keep on back burner and on the bottom of our “deal with it” list. It’s human to take quick note of people’s strengths and get inspired or get jealous or feel envious. Strengths – i feel are overrated and over celebrated to a very high degree as against our flaws. We tend to admire subconsciously the strengths we hold and pity on our flaws.Totally ignoring the fact that the overall reason and presence of any strength is indeed because we chose to cross over many of our flaws around that strength.So it’s much over due that we rather appreciate the whole list of flaws we hold as this eventually will help us to attain more strengths within us.It’s about time to embrace the flaws and own them unapologetically.

Basic human nature is always a reactionary one towards any given situation however to choose the way we respond is where the strength lies.There’s nothing like being perfect and being flawsome to my mind is the new awesome!!If you retrospect, most of our life is based on the good and bad choices we all made.Choice is the most powerful tool we all have. We all thrive in a medium full of infinite choices.The choices act as a steering wheel of our lives.The strength doesn’t lie in making perfect choices but making a suitable choice and further choosing to be responsible towards what you chose.Truly we all have it within us to turn around the tables at any point in time. Flaws don’t have the power to define us, it is indeed the choices we make to overcome one flaw over the other that defines us eventually. Our flaws have the power to completely transform us.Make choices, a lot of them!! Allow the process of learning and growing to set in as an ongoing continuous and everlasting one.

Retrospecting our past choices and sulking within is like being infested by a parasite. Making peace with our broken pieces is the most generous gift we can give to ourselves.Owning our flaws is not only liberating but also a realisation that they were the part of the process that paved way for the end outcome – which could be celebration or a lesson.Celebration will although leave a pleasant memory but lesson is precious and will come handy many times in life.

It may sound weird that how can many wrong choices lead us to a right one but the fact is if we don’t know how to face wrong, we would never know what it means to deal with what is right and we would not strive that hard to find out what is right!! Never undermine a lesson versus a celebration. There’s a way to enjoy it, only if we allow ourself to do so.There’s no reason to do rude self pity talks, instead enjoy the mess that we are. Allow ourselves to make mistakes again and again ,important is to ensure to rise up each time.The more freedom we give ourselves, the more liberating it will be.

Infact it’s exactly the journey full of flaws which ultimately gives the brightness of success. How many flawed jumps to become an ace gymnast, how many flawed rehearsals to give a stunning theatre performance,how many unpalatable dishes to become a renowned chef ,how many mismanaged meetings to strike a golden deal- I can’t think of any story where success is not sitting on mound of flaws and though the crown bearer is success but the glitter of the crown is coming from the zillions of granules of flaws underneath.

Taste of our own medicine

Planet EARTH takes a deep dive into the COVID-19 pandemic,strange are the times that we all are being advised to follow social distancing. The magnitude and damage caused by virus is high and lethal but the need of the hour is to stay away from each other.Exceptional support method advised by experts, as otherwise during any crisis the call would always be to get united and stand for each other. Contrary to that, today the biggest support you can provide to your community is by staying away and breaking the chain reaction of the furious wrath by virus.

It’s as if the world, which has been running helter skelter otherwise is brought to a pause or if I may call it, world is put into slow motion.During these days of solitude ,as we all get some time to take a deep glance into our beings, we find that a lot of things we would do on daily basis were really not important enough but simply kept adding stress to our lives and withered the compassion away.
Today as we move away from the crowds we give us chance to be with ourselves for good. A human interface is refrained and dreaded to the extent as never before –  my regular day would pass away managing work from home and household chores , with intermittent thoughts making me wonder if humanity were ever put to such test in history. Are we living some sort of exceptional times ??? Is it normal for Mother Nature to put such checks in place time and again???Such thoughts keep running as backdrop music in my subconscious mind all these days.

When was the last I noticed this touch-me-not syndrome? Question takes me to my school time social science lessons of studying social stigmas – Untouchablility. Whoa! Well that existed and continues to exist still unfortunately in some parts of our country.Basically social distancing can be seen as a fancy cover up given to the act of untouchablility ,of course the motives are different but the act is strikingly similar.

Man made selfish norms by ostracizing certain section of society as untouchables, so that they can clean mess created by the rest and have a daily bout with the dangerous microbes.How inhuman it was to enforce manual scavenging upon a whole section of society generation after generation.

That was not it, we continued to socially divide us in the name of religion, color, caste, gender, nationality,rich-poor and the so called civilisations laid on the foundation of co-existence turned into ruthless cut throat competitive societies.

Covid-19 is not differentiating between rich and poor but the only demarcations are – positives, suspects and negatives.Once again social stigmas are cropping up their ugly faces and the demarcations are leading many to fall for rumours and scare mongerings.

But today as each one of us becomes suddenly toxic physical threat for others it’s interesting to understand the pain of the untouchables who have been missing freedom to move around and live a hygienically safe life.

Human race has been on a reckless spree to prove dominance over the planet. Behaving like an invincible species which is entitled to be served by the rest everything around them. We killed and endangered rest entire animal kingdom, deforested at an unprecedented pace, dug mine holes to extract rare earths, contaminated water bodies, polluted even air.In the name of development we distanced ourselves from everything around us and made contact with them either to damage them or serve our selfish ulterior motives. We almost convinced ourselves that we rule the roost and suddenly baffled Mother Nature puts a pause and pushes all of us into self distancing from everything and everyone.

It would be interesting to see how human race pass through this storm.Furthermore,how we rehabilitate ourselves from the touch-me-not syndrome once the virus bids us bye.

This thought gives me feeling that this virus is here to give us humans the taste of our own medicine…..UNTOUCHABILITY…. er… Social Distancing!