Pay attention!! Listen to the universe, it’s always sending you secret messages in the form of people, places, things, songs, dreams, thoughts …. It sends us everyday dose of spirituality which is upto us to absorb. Something as subtle as the way we start our day sets the very tone of the day and is a strong message from cosmos. We can either rush plunge into things and tackle life in the day as and when it throws a challenge or we can calm our soul, feed it with positivity, be mindful of the day that we wish to spend and rise above issues that will be thrown to us. Choice is ours!


On the path to try knowing Shiva,i realise one thing which I would like to share here. Till date we as a society are fighting gender bias in an unbelievable manner. The matter is softly seeped into our daily lives and we have clearly visible demarcation between a man and a woman. Their place and roles look very structured and defined. The moment any woman try to blur that demarcation there is a strong opposition from both ends. Men suppressing Women’s rights and women too facilitating the suppression by calling it the way of life. Patriarchy is deep deep deep rooted. However, our divine Gods don’t endorse it at all….. Ardhanaarishwar is Gods way to tell us that both a man and a woman are although different dimensions but they complement each other and that’s what forms a complete life. Shiva is not a God – Shiva is body and Parvati is Shakti that runs the body.Today is a day to allow yourself to understand the divine miracle ” YOU ” in this time zone of the cosmos.