Bio instincts

Ever wondered if we don’t take care of our body where are we going to live!Health is wealth, we all have heard this so many times in our life, but it takes time and certain level of maturity to really believe this phrase. Health indeed is the best investment one can make and is the first form of wealth you can gain for yourself and people around you.Optimum health is not only important but is a true reflection of self love and self respect.

We all know food is fuel to our body,but it’s also fuel for our mind and soul.Also meals we eat are just not calories, they are the information bearers. They talk to each cell of our body.Always be mindful of how powerful it is what you hold in your spoon and fork.If looked closely, food is actually a combination of elements which provides nourishment to each of our body cell ,which includes neurons so eventually what we think in our mind also largely depends on what we eat.Our body is a temple in which our soul resides ,this way even our soul is stirred up by what we eat. So this is how important the ingredients of our plate are. They have direct impact on our physical,emotional and spiritual health.Good nutrition creates health in all areas of our existence as all these parts are interconnected. We are what we eat,in literal sense.

Hunger is something which is our natural instinct. If we can just understand this simple thing ,we can tackle lots of issues we face due to poor eating habits.To be mindful about when to eat and how much to eat is the most important thing one must inculcate within.Our body has its own biological clock which works perfectly always ,it’s just that we need to give it our due attention.Unfortunately, we prefer to give attention to the clock mankind invented and we keep stuffing our body with fuel on the basis of this wrong clock. It’s very critical to understand that we must eat only and only when we are really hungry. Also we must be mindful that when we are hungry body is asking for nutrition and not junk. It’s only if we listen to our body and talk to it, we can understand what it needs, how much it needs and we can look after it well.

Healthy body is basically one with adequate energy to function. Overall health largely depends on two things fuel and functionality. Body doesn’t thrive when given only rest. It needs rest and agility both in rhythmic fashion.So it’s important to provide body enough activity and rest phase.Food is the most abused anxiety drug and exercise is the most under estimated anti-depressant.In nature, every animal has to really work hard to fetch every meal and there’s a reason behind this. Meal earned this way is healthy and more effective to the body. In today’s sedentary lifestyle, where we are sitting whole day to earn green paper and eating to satisfy our anxiety and taste buds ,we not only end up damaging our body but the impact is larger, as we tend to over eat and waste food, which in turn burdens planet with high carbon footprint.So mindful eating is what we must practice and simple way is to listen to our instincts.

Let’s understand work outs better, why do we need them! We are born to do that and it’s yet another powerful instinct which we forget gradually as we grow into busy beings.Remember,how an infant is continually working out his body to ensure his body is growing well. Later too as a toddler, we cry and throw tantrums if not allowed to play. Just because it’s our basic instinct to move our body cells, activate muscles, ensure that our blood and lymph circulate well and endorphins are released into our system to make us feel good and function optimally.As we grow up and get busy in our lives, we have to ensure to make that extra effort to keep this process going…it’s a vital need. Choose whatever makes you happy and is easy to add to your routine. Could be running, skipping, gym, yoga,dance….or pick a sport you love… whatever!But body demands it… for sure.

In life, every aspect has two sides there’s an ebb and then there’s flow ,so as much as activity is crucial for our body so is calmness and rest. This is another thing we have to work hard to include in our lives considering today’s lifestyle. Again respect the instincts, give yourself chance to follow your bio clock. Sleeping on a specific time and waking up on a time has major impacts on our day to day functioning.Sleep is gradually becoming an issue, due to our present work pressure and lifestyle. We can help ourselves by following some basics which can keep us in calm mode around our sleep time. Good music, clean food ,meditation, positive vibes, reading affirmations are some means to combat sleep troubles.Too much sleep and too less sleep both are indicative of underlying health issues. Also, wrong food habits and wrong meal times contribute majorly to erratic sleep patterns. Must be checked promptly.

Lastly, we must understand that we are fed by the food industry that pays no attention to health and our health is taken care by the pharmacy driven companies that pays no attention to what chemical we put in. In order to get rid of one disease we end up gaining several side effects of these chemicals.We must strive and be out of this vicious circle of processed chemical laden food and eat clean,because we can’t control everything in our life but we can control what we put into our mouth and this will eventually take care of everything else….as we allow our bio instincts to take over.

33 thoughts on “Bio instincts

  1. It should be evident that we eat to live and not live to eat… Secondly all body types are different, we should not follow exactly what the books tell. e. g we should sleep 7-8 hours… BIG NO… every body is different some have enough sleep in just 4-5 hours, some require 8-9 hours .
    So understanding your own body thoughts is necessary…. I thank the author to highlight high points in our body n thought itself.

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  2. Very well written, in the race for achieving everything, we have forgotten the very health on which we wish to achieve it all. Not eating proper food, no proper sleeping hours all this jeopradises the very health. It’s high time people should actually understand that what is more important…. ofcourse earning a livelihood is important…but staying careful and following routine is equally important…

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    1. We are that animal who has forgot to talk to our body… and that’s the reason of all chaos in our lives… We take health for granted to earn materialistic luxuries which backfires!!

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  3. You are right, we have forgotten the very own base. The base crumbles and by the time the person realises it’s very late. We don’t own the things, things around own us… and for those materialistic things, we ignore, forget ourselves…

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  4. That’s true…. Processed food is the major reason behind our over consumption and food wastage too…. Time to rejig🌼🌼💛….we all can try at least to eat healthy… That’s all our body is asking for…


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  6. Nice post. Excessive use of electronic gadgets especially mobile has affected health a lot. Nowadays, people spend the most time on mobile. Children are most affected because of mobiles. Parents make children habitual of mobile from childhood itself which is a bad thing. Even while eating food, they keep using mobile. The other thing which is affecting our health is adulterated and processed food. Many things we eat today are adulterated and not as pure as they used to be. We should shift towards organic food.

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