New you

As we live through our lifetimes, we do realize the only constant is change,but in todays times the change required is extremely blistering and expeditious.The timeline not only demands speed but quick adaptations to the unfamiliar paths.We have to trust that comebacks are always much more powerful than any set backs.

Right now,there’s a clear sign of dynamic shift in the way life is going to run across the globe.Only saviour will be acceptance to this remodelling….by up-skilling through a continuous loop of learning, unlearning and relearning new means to tackle each day.

This could well be applied to the professional as well as personal lives.Change or variation in career path is indeed considered a sisyphean task.Specially in a country like ours ,we are literally jammed to a career for entire lifetime,totally convincing ourselves that…. That’s it what we can do!! This concept is nothing but the result of human quest to park in their comfort zones.But a gentle reminder by time is that we are given extra grey matter to explore new possibilities and new avenues instead.

Always trust and believe that all of us have this amazing metamorphic capacity to transform which comes into action ,only if ,we let it flow with pure grit and passion.Do your future self a favour and get outside your comfort zone. Think big, think outside the box, and don’t let your own perceived limitations stop you.Fight the fear. You may not be 100% qualified for things ahead– and that’s okay.Do not strive for perfection go for progress….one step at a time!

If you have to carry one thing with you on this path of making “new you” let it be hope…. Trust that the best is yet to come.Hope is stronger than any of the challenges that will be thrown towards you while you transform yourself. Absolutely trust and believe in your new journey.

The process will make you under go lot of unlearning and new learning – the tough bit will be unlearning. Wiping the slate ain’t easy but keeping focus on new learning should make this an exciting journey.Keep making choices on the basis of hope and not fear.Try and find positive things everyday even if you have to try harder.Even in the most hopeless situation remember to try one more time.

Certainly, this is going to test all of your patience but the moment you think of giving up,just remember next moment could be where the magic happens.Any change needs patience, patience needs courage and courage is nothing but keeping grace under pressure. So first and foremost is acceptance to change mixed with enough patience and courage.It’s a fact, transformations do not happen overnight. Also you can’t transform by doing what you have been doing always. So even small changes done on day to day basis towards your goal can give you big results.

Be consistent.Remember to do that small bit every single day no matter what.Also be brave enough to mess up and fail as you move into being new you …after all, by all means ,you have the power to modify your life as per your wishes with grit, consistency, self love, positivity and aspiration to see a “new you”

37 thoughts on “New you

  1. ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’…
    Aptly said by Albert Einstein!
    And your “NEW YOU” justifies it logically and wisely shikha!
    As far we welcome the changes ….we are new!
    beautiful ❤️

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  2. I liked that you mentioned to not strive for perfection. Perfection is rarely worth the effort, since it takes so much to achieve that extra bit that results in perfection. I’ve always liked the 80/20 rule where 80% of your benefits come from 20% of your efforts.

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