Thinking is a continuous act that’s subconsciously running like cardiac muscles. It’s now proven fact,that our thoughts are far more powerful than we think them to be.So many times,we try to control our thoughts but it’s easy said than done.We cannot sit and plan our thoughts like we can do for our next meals.Usually it’s the thoughts that regulate us and not vice versa, however that’s where the secret lies. Those who can regulate their thoughts master their life. The level of contentment you will get in your life totally depends upon your thoughts.

We are most rewarded or punished by our thoughts. Everything depends upon the way our mind perceives the external environment.So it’s critical to tame this wild entity to our benefit.Converse with yourself like someone you love.Appreciate yourself genuinely and be compassionate towards your demands.External hurricanes are never going to be in your control ,but keeping your inner core calm will help you pass through testing times.One positive thought has the power to change your day for good and one positive day can be a life turner.

It’s vital to set the right tone with yourself, to always have amicable conversation with yourself. This doesn’t guarantee winning over all situations however;this will change the way you perceive the given situation ,from a threat to an interesting challenge.After all it’s the focus, if we pay attention to the pain – we suffer ,instead focus on the lesson and thrive. Such growth is so motivating and quite exponential. When, the way you think is balanced it empowers you to handle any adverse situation with aplomb.

As we all know, no amount of guilt can change our past and similarly no amount of anxiety can change our future. So having odd thoughts is basically pointless. Power lies in keeping calm and doing one thing at a time. Anything that costs you your peace of mind, is way too expensive to harbour. Instead keep moving ,one step after the other, no matter how stuck you feel. No matter how hopeless the current situation may seem to be, as it’s only once you have walked that path and later when you look back , will you realise it wasn’t that bad a journey. Our mind has the power to magnify a predicament beyond belief.Use this contemplating magnifying glass to live it large!

18 thoughts on “Eunoia

  1. Need of the hour text wonderfully put up shikha… People tend to exhaust themselves mentally when facing adversities… But that’s how this word was made because it has an existence and it surely barge into one’s life once or may be many times… Face it guys!
    Accept the challenge and emerge as a victor!
    but DO NOT QUIT…
    Life is beautiful 🌹
    Means a lot to ourselves and our beloved ones…LIVE AND NOT LEAVE!

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  2. So well written… couldn’t agree more..the best way to control your life is to control your choice of thoughts. ..No one thinks in your mind but you only

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  3. I have so much loved these simple but profound thoughts. Calmness totally changes the future as does anxiety, albeit differently. It is so wonderful that you speak about spirituality through your writing. Writing is such an expression of one’s inner world. Excellent words

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