Letter to my little self -Reminisce

Dear Me,

You little warrior, I know there’s an ocean of unease within you… Unease of proving yourself to others, competence to excel in everything that gives you validation, curious observation to learn from around you. Yet there’s a deep insecurity,as within you,you are not sure of your stand and you are not satisfied by the knowledge you are gaining through above mentioned traits.Nevertheless ,please keep going instinctively, you will have your own stumbles and they will only make you more and more responsible for your actions and will ensure you to be more careful.Every stumble that appears to be a road block will turn out to be a bend in the road and not end of the road.

And I can see that no matter what ,one thing you are sure of, is that you will move ahead with complete freedom where fear will have no place.So put your confidence in place and don’t be bothered about validations

Know that you are loved, you are supported, you are cared for….always.  Make sure that you are always doing all the things that are in the highest good.  When you are wondering and feeling lost, get quiet and go within , because the answers are all within…you know this already.  You don’t need to find your way, you need to listen to the whispers of your soul, because they are there to guide you and direct you down the path that you were always meant to travel.  Let your light shine so bright that you light up the path for others.  Never doubt yourself for a minute…YOU ARE exactly where you need to be…

My wish for you is to live a life fulfilled, one of bliss, one of connection & alignment with your instincts.

Never stop pushing forward, you’re meant to do great things in this world. Your light is needed.



23 thoughts on “Letter to my little self -Reminisce

  1. Inspiring letter from you to yourself is good. I think it’s very important to know your emotions and work ethics and these two always needs boundaries. So best is set rules for yourself and you will find yourself always winner .but life game is bit tricky and success story should always be happy one not winning only.Love to you. Geeta

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