Divine shine

As I find some morning solitude ….and I see myself taking a long walk into the woods embracing the nature.Stopped by the cliff, I am enamoured by the sound of the waves and the enigmatic sea view. I couldn’t wait further to click as many frames as I possibly could….the frames were magically changing hues at the same location as the sun has begun to rise and it seemed as if on a blue and green coloured picture someone has gradually poured golden glitters. As the day got brighter the solar aura takes its mighty position above everything else….. Enhancing everything else around!Β 

Solar energy, as they call it, literally is seen around in the fresh breeze of the air as it gets warmer , agile cacophony of birds chirp ,the white outlined frothy waves rush to cover the coastal sands,moist air is getting warm and condensing to wipe clean the leaves of all the trees.The curled up sleeping leaves open up like wings to embrace and swallow the photons.Everything be it plant or animals are looking forward to this energy and welcoming it. Each sunray- a complete divine blessing and immensely energetic resource we are gifted every day to begin with.

There’s a beautiful synergy in action between these extra terrestrial rays and the entire flora fauna on our planet. How enigmatic to notice these magical rays affect each and every thing on earth be it living or non-living.We all believe there’s a super power that’s running our lives. It’s actually these energetic Solar rays. They are food for our food producers ie plants and this is how life energy flows into our ecosystem.

We all know this magnificent set up very well but are mostly very oblivious about it.We keep on praying to the divine to bless us and take the blessings given for granted.A thoughtful glance around will give us an insight how blessed we are and how the divine superpower is working effortlessly around us in total silence and humility to keep the entire ecosystem balanced.The balance that is so flawless and perfect.

As species on roll,we Human beings gets a high as we work on technology and create devices or mechanisms which give us short cuts to live in leisure. These creations give us a moment to cherish close parity with the pro creator but we miss that our creations are mostly from our perspectives and mostly do not meet the parameters ecology needs for full sustainability. That’s the reason we end up disrupting many areas in order to set one right… and sadly we have developed a disease to continuously disrupt natural balance …we are almost unstoppable species now. After all we have to remain self proclaimed intelligent species.May sanity prevail and we learn to live in accordance with the divine shine and it’s blessings by simple rule of following our natural instincts.

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