Celebrate flawsomeness!

Our flaws and imperfections are few of those things which we like to keep on back burner and on the bottom of our “deal with it” list. It’s human to take quick note of people’s strengths and get inspired or get jealous or feel envious. Strengths – i feel are overrated and over celebrated to a very high degree as against our flaws. We tend to admire subconsciously the strengths we hold and pity on our flaws.Totally ignoring the fact that the overall reason and presence of any strength is indeed because we chose to cross over many of our flaws around that strength.So it’s much over due that we rather appreciate the whole list of flaws we hold as this eventually will help us to attain more strengths within us.It’s about time to embrace the flaws and own them unapologetically.

Basic human nature is always a reactionary one towards any given situation however to choose the way we respond is where the strength lies.There’s nothing like being perfect and being flawsome to my mind is the new awesome!!If you retrospect, most of our life is based on the good and bad choices we all made.Choice is the most powerful tool we all have. We all thrive in a medium full of infinite choices.The choices act as a steering wheel of our lives.The strength doesn’t lie in making perfect choices but making a suitable choice and further choosing to be responsible towards what you chose.Truly we all have it within us to turn around the tables at any point in time. Flaws don’t have the power to define us, it is indeed the choices we make to overcome one flaw over the other that defines us eventually. Our flaws have the power to completely transform us.Make choices, a lot of them!! Allow the process of learning and growing to set in as an ongoing continuous and everlasting one.

Retrospecting our past choices and sulking within is like being infested by a parasite. Making peace with our broken pieces is the most generous gift we can give to ourselves.Owning our flaws is not only liberating but also a realisation that they were the part of the process that paved way for the end outcome – which could be celebration or a lesson.Celebration will although leave a pleasant memory but lesson is precious and will come handy many times in life.

It may sound weird that how can many wrong choices lead us to a right one but the fact is if we don’t know how to face wrong, we would never know what it means to deal with what is right and we would not strive that hard to find out what is right!! Never undermine a lesson versus a celebration. There’s a way to enjoy it, only if we allow ourself to do so.There’s no reason to do rude self pity talks, instead enjoy the mess that we are. Allow ourselves to make mistakes again and again ,important is to ensure to rise up each time.The more freedom we give ourselves, the more liberating it will be.

Infact it’s exactly the journey full of flaws which ultimately gives the brightness of success. How many flawed jumps to become an ace gymnast, how many flawed rehearsals to give a stunning theatre performance,how many unpalatable dishes to become a renowned chef ,how many mismanaged meetings to strike a golden deal- I can’t think of any story where success is not sitting on mound of flaws and though the crown bearer is success but the glitter of the crown is coming from the zillions of granules of flaws underneath.

14 thoughts on “Celebrate flawsomeness!

  1. Quite perfectly wirtten about Imperfection and flaws and its importance in human progression. Keep it up. I have always enjoyed โ€˜oddโ€™and tried to explore the beauty in its imperfection and flaws. I found it much interesting. In my school days too, in debates I used to emphasise on odd points and never like to flow with โ€˜evenโ€™ points.

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      1. That’s a huge compliment I have ever received from anyone… And specially coming from a senior like you it so reassuring that my mind is on right track๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™…you made my day Ashok sir ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒผ

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